Travelling Crazy

There is a certain insanity in travelling; we take holidays, enjoy cultures and magnificent cities and wilderness. we have experiences we couldn’t get at home –  but, in doing so commit ourselves to things we would never imagine doing at home; days in the hell of airports and planes standing in queues or crammed into airline seats. Currency exchange, nightmare traffic, infuriating bureaucrats, lost passports, money or cameras.

97 Days Adrift in Europe - Dealing with Banks..
Dealing with …..The Bank
Man spreading one
How to look for your ticket
Looking for your ticket
right of way
Fear of Flying..
But I found my headphones
Running for the train
Its ok I'll find my credit card soon
Just five minutes by car
You want what?
Paying the tollway fee when you can’t open the window
When humidity is high
Only the best weather
 If it can happen on a holiday it will. Travelling crazy are anecdotal blogs about some of those experiences; the things we do and the things that happen.

We have to deal with grumpy bureaucrats, keep all our travel documents handy but make sure they are safe at the same time. We have to try and travel with everything we need but at the same time try and keep our bags at 10 kilos or less (if we are sensible). And the things we travel with are guaranteed to drive us to distraction, phones that won’t work when we need them most, travel guides that don’t have the information we need.

Travelling is beautiful but crazy…..this is about travelling crazy. The crazy things we do, crazy places we go, crazy experiences we have, the crazy judgements we make

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